hi pablo. i hear you. like you, i also do not like (and am concerned) about Big Data, Big Pharma, Big Techno etc. But unlike you i do not think there is a 'they' there. and its also not a black and white. for example, in the covid situation, just look around and look at the data. where in the world can you live today normal, have parties, and have big scale events with no social distancin without being concerned about your health? Yes, these region exist on our planet. its all those countries that took EXTREMELY early and extremely cautious action. look to Taiwan, to Cambodia, Vietnam, New Zealand, etc. even though china missed the train in the beginning (and could have avoided the global spread), china today is among these places. so in china happened a learning that did not happen here. so thats the reality today i would say. and it suggest that we need some of these bigger systems and structures, and that they can be accountable to people (of the countries named most are democracies). and that if you take an early systemic approach, you can enable almost full individual freedom later. As opposed to the US: insisting on personal freedon (equals unwillingness to sacrifice anyhthing that would help others) in the early stage leading to catasrophic numbers lateron (and economic losses of 16 trillion). so thats the paradox in my view.

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