Hi Andrew -- i agree with your point that if we need to come together as part of a whole system we need to respect each other. yes, very true. I can see how the terms Trumpism may not be helpful in that regard. point taken. that being said, i just use it as a shorthand for a set of phenomena that we can observe in many countries around the world (aka frozen mind, heart, will). so its a pattern we collectively enact. maybe is should use a better term for it. let me know if have an idea.

in regard to left vs right: i see myself as neither one or the other. i think its the wrong axis. the axis that i am interested in is a vertical axis: of lower or higher levels of awareness in regard to the whole situation. Vertical literacy. but that has nothing to do with left or right. Even though what in the US is referred to "radical left" by some in most other countries would be referred to as common sense. so that would be a whole other conversation. for another day...

all the best -- o.

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